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My Journey To Hypnosis

My career started in accounting, where I was quite successful, but not very fulfilled and always felt something else was out there waiting for me.  After 12 years, I left the business world to be a full time mom to my children.


Once the kids were in school full time, I started asking myself the "what do I really want to do?" questions.  No surprise - my questions were soon answered! 

​I found my true passion in the connection between Mind, Body, and Spirit, beginning with EFT/Tapping, healthy/clean eating, and yoga classes - all leading the way to not only healing myself, but healing others with the practice of Reiki.  Over the years, I’ve loved learning about using essential oils, oracle cards, sound healing, space clearing and even crafting!

​Having developed a deep understanding of Body/Spirit connection, it’s no wonder I soon became fascinated with how the mind works. This led me to the powerful healing tool of hypnosis. 

Hypnosis offers direct access to the subconscious mind to find the not so obvious root causes of everyday problems.  Once we know what's driving the unwanted behavior, we can work on resolving the emotional baggage and the unwanted habits. 

My toolbox box of healing modalities, which help people bring about peace, calm and satisfaction in life, is always growing.  I continue to study NLP, stress management and mindfulness mediation, and have become certified in each practice, in addition to achieving board certification in hypnosis.

Putting it all together, I offer one-on-one sessions that are direct, yet gentle and intuitive. I am committed to helping others make meaningful and lasting changes in their lives through hypnosis and other healing modalities - both one-on-one and in group settings. 

My own transformational hypnosis stories are powerful and real.  I can tell you first hand, the results are amazing.  I use hypnosis and related tools and techniques to make my life harmonious each day, so in turn, I can help others from a place of peace and calm.  I truly believe hypnosis can work when everything else has failed. 

I am so excited to share hypnosis and all the healing tools I have learned with you, so you too can end the struggle, once and for all!

Board Certified Hypnosis Professional

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

Certified Life Coach

Stress Management Consultant

Mindfulness Meditation Trainer (MBCT)

Reiki Master

Meet Lisa

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