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All About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a naturalsafe and effective tool to make lasting changes at the deepest levels. 

This informative training video gives you all the information to understand how and why Hypnosis and Guided Relaxation work like nothing else. Lisa breaks it down in simple terms that are easy to understand.

This knowledge will make you much more successful in effectively implementing the self-improvement techniques that you plan to do or are doing already, including:

   * One-On-One Hypnosis and Guided Relaxation Sessions
   * Self-Hypnosis, including 7th PATH Self-Hypnosis®
   * Relaxation Recordings
   * Group Workshops
   * Values Resolution and Goals Setting/Achieving
   * And so much more...

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If you've enjoyed this video, schedule your free consultation to see how you can benefit from the powerful tool called hypnosis.

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