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Lisa Finn Hypnosis & Wellness

Lisa Finn Hypnosis & Wellness is here to help you feel better fast.  I offer a path to relief from emotional pain and suffering from everyday problems.  Not just another quick fix, but answers to what is truly holding you back.  I gently and safely guide my clients through a transformative journey inward to discover the real root problem, to heal the deep wounds and misperceptions from the past, and to create solutions for the future.  It is my greatest joy to see clients continue their lives feeling lighter, freer, confident, in control and with more energy to achieve all their lifetime goals.

Hypnosis Sessions

All Hypnosis Consultations and Sessions are online via Zoom.  

How does that work?

Hypnosis works very well online!  No traveling, no finding a parking spot, and you get to stay in the comfort of your own home.  And the best part is that I get to work with people from all over the world.   

What do I need?

You'll need to have a device with good internet service.  A laptop or computer is best, but a phone on a good stand works too.  Headphones with a microphone are also recommended for best results.  You'll need to hear me and I'll need to hear and see you.

How can I prepare?

For the consultation and the first part of each session, we'll be talking, so you'll want to be somewhere private where you will not be disturbed.  Please be sure family members and pets will not distract you.  Moving on to the Hypnosis portion of our sessions, you'll want to be comfortable.  A reclining chair is best, lying down on a couch or bed works well too.  You will want to be as comfortable as possible, so pillows and blankets are always helpful.

Core values - Compassion, Freedom, Resilience

At Lisa Finn Hypnosis and Wellness, my core values are compassion, freedom and resilience.  You enter my virtual office into a completely safe, friendly and judgement free zone.  I respect your beliefs and will always treat you with respect.  My only goal is to get you results.  If I am unable to get you the relief you're looking for, I will gladly refund any unused sessions and try my best to refer you to someone else.   

All About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful state of focused awareness that can be used to uncover and resolve the root causes of many issues people suffer from every day.  Hypnosis allows you to access all the healing resources inherent within the subconscious mind, promoting natural healing from within.

Hypnosis is used to help people discover the subconscious reasons for their symptoms, behaviors or habits.  Once we figure these out, certain tools and techniques can be used to release them and relearn new positive ways of thinking subconsciously.

How Does Hypnosis Work?


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Lisa Finn

Certified Hypnotist

Certified Life & Weight Coach

Reiki Master

Lisa Finn is a Board Certified Hypnotist with the International Association of Hypnosis Professionals and certified with the National Guild of Hypnotis.  She is also trained as a Basic NLP Practitioner, Stress Management Consultant and Mindfulness Meditation Trainer, in addition to being a Certified Life Coach and Reiki Master.  She holds a BBA in Accounting.  After spending many years in the corporate world, Lisa found her true passion for helping people through the mind-body connection.  By experiencing the power of hypnosis first hand, Lisa is passionate about sharing this amazing healing tool through Lisa Finn Hypnosis & Wellness, located in lower Fairfield County CT and is offering Zoom sessions.      

Lisa offers a direct, yet gentle and intuitive approach to her clients.  She is a firm believer in the power of hypnosis and other mindfulness techniques to find and then heal the root causes of so many of our daily struggles.  She is committed to helping others make meaningful and lasting changes in their lives through hypnosis.  She has a passion for making connections with people and sharing her knowledge to help others find their path to live their best life.

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