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The Solution To Lasting Weight Loss

Let the Weight Go With Hypnosis  
Discover the Key to Finally Losing the Weight
AND Keeping It Off For Good

The Answer You've Been Looking For

If you know how to lose weight, but you just can’t keep it off,  then you are in the right place!  I know exactly what you need, because I have been there.  Hypnosis was the answer for me and I want to share this amazing tool with you.

Imagine not having to think about food all day long.  Imagine forgetting to eat, without deprivation or will power. Picture yourself eating when you're hungry,  and reaching for healthy, nutritious foods.  Imagine walking into your closet, and everything fits perfectly.  Imagine feeling lighter, freer, confident, motivated, in control and living the life you've always wanted. 

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that has proven to work.

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“I thought that losing weight

was the key to my happiness. 

It turns out, the extra weight was an excuse

that kept me from focusing on

what was missing in my life.

I am now eating when I am hungry

to fuel my body

instead of eating out of boredom or stress." 

How does hypnosis work for weight loss?

This program is different.  We let the weight gophysically, mentally and emotionally.

It’s not about the food.  It’s about thoughts and feelings driving actions and creating results.  With hypnosis, we tap directly into the subconscious mind to change the thoughts, beliefs and habits that lead to overeating and emotional eating

Hypnosis is a natural, safe and effective approach to lose weight.  This plan has no pills, no diets, no deprivation, no counting, no measuring, no strict meal plan to follow, no strenuous exercise program.

Because we are all so different, each of us with our own set of challenges, this program is customized to you and your unique situation.  Taking a holistic approach, we make sure your mind and body are working together. We look at all the thought patterns and habits accumulated over the years.  We also look at stress and other issues contributing to your overall well-being.  Then in hypnosis we get all the insights needed to make the changes necessary to let the weight go for good

How Do I Know If I Am Emotional Eating?

Emotional eaters eat too much because of thoughts and emotions around food.  Those sentences running through our minds that seem to justify or explain eating when we are not physically hungry:

  • "Just one more, I deserve it."

  • "I just need something sweet/crunchy/salty."

  • "Everything in moderation."

  • "Eating is the most exciting part of my day."

  • "I’ve already blown the day might as well eat it all now, and start over tomorrow."

  • "I'm feeling tired, cold, upset, bored, lonely, antsy, so eating will fix it."


And then we have all the programming from years past that we may not even consciously think about.  Any of these thoughts sound familiar?

  • "You’re such a good eater."

  • "You want to be big and strong don’t you?"

  •  "You’re not leaving this table until that plate is empty."

  • "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

  • "I don’t care if you don’t like broccoli you have to eat it,"

  • "You need to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks to keep your blood sugar even all day."

  • "Children in (fill in country) are starving, so you need to eat all your food."

  • "It's a party/holiday, we have to eat lots of food to celebrate."

So many of our thoughts and beliefs come from our subconscious mind. In hypnosis, we work on these conscious thoughts and also discover the subconscious thoughts that we're not even aware of, that can prevent our best efforts to lose weight and manage our eating.

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