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Continuing Sessions For Hypnosis Clients

Additional Sessions Tailored Just For You

Booster Sessions

You've done the deep work, you've felt the results and benefits.
But it's been a little while and those old habits or thoughts patterns have surfaced again.  You just need a little boost to get back on track.

You want a booster session!

Full 2 hour session - $200
10% discount on pre-paid package of 4 or more sessions

Railway Tracks closeup

Refresh your thoughts and feelings with a little boost of hypnosis.

Focused Sessions

We will work on a single topic of your choice related to the issue we originally worked on.  These shorter sessions will be focused with a 15 minute discussion of the issue and then 45 minutes of focused hypnosis.  

These hypnosis sessions will be tailored to you and may consist of:

  • Relaxation and direct suggestions for confidence

  • A journey down the high road, to remember how good it feels to reach your goal

  • Regression to a single incident and working to correct any misperceptions

  • Putting a person "in the chair" to release additional unresolved anger and find forgiveness

  • Putting yourself "in the chair" to release guilt and reconnect with your coach/mentor/guide/cheerleader

  • A journey over the Bridge of Insight

  • A spiritual journey to get insight and understanding by speaking with your higher self

PLEASE NOTE - These sessions are only for clients who have already been through 5PATH and want to continue working on that issue.  New issues need to have full sessions to get results - see below.

60 Minute Session - $150

10% discount on pre-paid package of 4 or more sessions

Continue your journey to health and wellness with a
60 minute FOCUSED hypnosis session.  

Full Hypnosis Package For Another Issue

You know this process works and now you are ready to release even more!

One issue at a time and you're ready for the next change.

  • Get rid of that fear or block

  • Release those extra pounds

  • Decrease stress and worry

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem

  • Improve a relationship

  • Reach that goal

  • And more...

4-6 Session Hypnosis Package for new issue - $200 per session

10% discount on pre-paid package of 4 or more sessions

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