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What is 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®?


7th Path Self-Hypnosis® combines meditation, hypnosis and spirituality into the ultimate self-hypnosis practice, beyond anything you've every experienced before.  By cultivating the daily practice of 7th Path, you will tap into the infinite positive energy of a higher power.  This will allow you to tap back into who you really are and what you are meant to do in this life.

In the Basic Class, you will learn about how the mind works and the 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® technique. This includes mastering a series of 5 basic "recognitions", which will allow you to "empty your cup" of the erroneous programs, limiting beliefs and misperceptions that are just not working for you today, and then fill the cup back up with all the thoughts and feelings that allow you to reach your goals easily and effortlessly.

  • Imagine freeing yourself from daily stress, negative thoughts, and painful emotions from the past... 

  • Imagine effortlessly letting go of bad habits and creating new, healthy habits that generate success in your life...

  • Imagine feeling stronger, more in control and confident that you can handle anything life throws at you...

  • Imagine falling asleep at night easily and peacefully, wrapped in ultimate positive energy...

That is what the practice of 7th Path ® Self-Hypnosis® can give you.


7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Class is taught live* on Zoom in 6 weekly group classes.  These classes are interactive workshop style and last 60-90 minutes with plenty of time for sharing, questions and guidance.  

You will learn:

  • How the mind works and how hypnosis works 

  • How our thoughts create the feelings and emotions that motive our actions and behaviors

  • How to practice 7th Path and induce self-hypnosis

  • How to structure suggestions to create optimal improvements and successes in your life

Class Highlights

  • Small class sizes for maximum learning potential and interaction

  • Experience being in a hypnotic state

  • Professional student workbook provided

  • Continued ongoing support for all students

  • Become a member of a worldwide community of students and practitioners.

The 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® system was developed by Calvin D. Banyan, MA, a Board Certified Hypnosis Professional and Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapy.  Check out more HERE!

*Participation in LIVE classes is best, but class recordings will be available if you are unable to attend the live class.

  • What will I learn in the class?
    During our 6 weeks together, you will learn the first 5 Recognitions in the Short and Full Forms. Recognitions are infinite positive statements that your subconscious mind "recognizes" and uses to release old programming, introduce new programming and to develop a deeper relationship with your higher power, who we refer to as "Delta" for a placeholder. The Recognitions come in both the "short" form and the "full" form. Every week I introduce a new Recognition in the short form and the following week you are introduced to the full form. Because each Recognition is so powerful, we allow a week for it to be fully assimilated into your subconscious. Once you are given the full form, that is the one that you will continue to practice from then on. (All this will make sense when you learn the technique.)
  • What is a Recognition?
    A "Recognition" is a positive self-statement that resonates throughout your entire nervous system. Because the mind works by association, it will "resonate" with similar thoughts and beliefs that you have. It will also "bump" up against beliefs that are in opposition to the positive suggestion. The process of doing 7th Path - saying the recognition and waiting for the echo - will reinforce positive thoughts and beliefs and even make the mundane thoughts you have throughout the day more positive. The best part is that the Recognition will work to cancel out or weaken any negative thoughts or limiting beliefs that create a negative emotion. All of this will be explained and demonstrated extensively in class.
  • What happens during each class?
    Class 1 is an introduction to 7th Path, a review of hypnosis and teaching the actual technique. Then while in hypnosis, I will teach you the first Recognition in the short form, you will practice 7th Path and you will learn to put yourself into self-hypnosis to continue the practice on your own. We have plenty of time for questions and sharing during this class. Each time we meet as a group or individually we begin with a question and answer session about how your practice went during the previous week. All of your questions will be answered so that you are always confident with the 7th Path technique and comfortable with hypnosis. The majority of the session is spent in hypnosis, where you will receive the Recognitions. This is a very special time. The positive energy always amplifies the power of each session. Our schedule will look like this: Session 1 - Delta 1 Short Session 2 - Delta 1 Full; Delta 2 Short Session 3 - Delta 2 Full; Delta 3 Short Session 4 - Delta 3 Full; Delta 4 Short Session 5 - Delta 4 Full Session 6 - Delta 5 Short and Full After receiving the next Recognition in hypnosis, we always have time for sharing and answering any questions.
  • How much time does 7th Path require?
    The optimal time practicing self-hypnosis is 20 minutes and I ask that you practice 3 times a day as follows: In the morning - works great if you do it even before you get out of bed! In the afternoon/evening - a nice afternoon break, or a great way to transition between work and home. As you are falling asleep at night - many practitioners don't get past the first or second recognition before they are fast asleep! Minimum time is 5 minutes. Like most things in life, you get out of it, what you put into it. The more time you commit to yourself and doing your self-hypnosis practice, the more benefits you will receive. 7th Path can replace any meditation practice that you are already doing, or you can do 7th Path in addition. However, your meditation practice does not replace 7th Path. Once you are regularly practicing 7th Path, some people go down to twice a day. You will know what is best for you and your journey on the Path.
  • What are the Advanced Recognitions?
    Glad you asked!!! Many people are happy and satisfied with the Basic Recognitions. Others want more! If you are the latter, keep reading... Once you mastered the first 5 Recognitions and you have been practicing with them regularly, and you want more, we have the Advanced Recognitions 6-9. These Recognitions will take your practice to a new level! Where as the basic Recognitions don't require a spiritual belief, the Advanced Recognitions tend to work best if you are able to conceptualize some level of spirituality in your life. Now, anyone could receive 6-9, but we would have to be a bit creative to come up with a Delta, as these Advanced Recognitions are spiritual in nature. Cal explains the Advanced Recognitions in Chapter 10 of the workbook you will be provided. After receiving the Basic Recognitions, I recommend practitioners practice at least 4-6 more weeks before receiving the Advanced Recognitions. We want to make sure the "cup is emptied" and the vessel (your heart and mind) is ready to receive the next level. Contact Lisa when you're ready for Advanced Class offerings.
  • I've already done hypnosis, why would I want to do this too?
    If you have done one-on-one hypnosis sessions with me or another hypnotist, you know how powerful and intense it can be. And of course, we focus on one issue at a time to get those rapid results. 7th Path accomplishes the same goals - removing old programs, limiting beliefs and misperceptions at the subconscious level, that create erroneous and useless negative emotions in the day-to-day. However, 7th Path uses a more gentle approach, so the results can be slower, but the work can be more complete. If you feel like there is more work to be done, on your original issue or a new issue, THIS could be IT for you! In addition, when you do hypnosis or any kind of therapy, there is always the human element involved. The model is that you need to come have a session with someone to receive the benefits. With 7th Path, Delta is the therapist and you have access to your Delta and the power of infinite positive energy any time you want.
  • Can I learn 7th Path one-on-one?
    Yes!! Absolutely. You have 2 options here. The first option is to simply learn and practice 7th Path Self-Hypnosis in our 6 one-hour weekly sessions. Then we allow Delta to help you make those deep changes. Many people love this gentle, holistic approach. The second option takes 7th Path to a deeper level, with a program called 7th Path Forward. Your instructor, Lisa, is certified in this modality as well. These sessions combine advanced hypnosis techniques with the power of self-hypnosis. 7th Path Forward requires a bigger commitment, as these 6 weekly sessions run 2-3 hours each and the investment is $1,800. 7th Path Forward is a three pronged approach to your holistic well-being, which creates BIG results! You will learn the first 5 Basic Recognitions, plus you'll learn how your feelings and emotions have everything to do with what's happening in your life. You'll actively implement the concepts in Cal Banyan's book "The Secret Language of Feelings" to gain immense clarity. Finally, you'll also be introduced to and guided to use a journaling system to map our your best life path. If you are interested in this program, let Lisa know by scheduling a free consultation, whichever works best for you. With either option, you will have tools to use on your own for the rest of your life!

Hello, I'm Lisa

I help people feel better by making changes at the deep subconscious level of the mind, using mindfulness, hypnosis, coaching, energy healing and many other techniques I have in my toolbox.


I have conducted hundreds of one-on-one hypnosis sessions, where my clients have made very rapid and dramatic changes in how they think and feel about themselves and the world around them, resulting in amazing transformations and successes.

NOW, I am excited to offer a powerful, yet gentle technique that you can learn once and practice for the rest of your life in the privacy of your own mind - 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®. 


This form of self-hypnosis goes beyond what we can do in the hypnosis chair, because it calls in YOUR highest power.  We call this concept "Delta" as a place holder, but it is anything that represents the purest, most infinite positive energy in your life.  For many that may be God, or it may be Source, Spirit, Nature, Love, Divine does not have to be religious or spiritual, it just has to have meaning for YOU.

Join me for group sessions or contact me for private sessions to learn 7th Path and start programming yourself for success!

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