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Learn how to


from the inside out

It's time to leave the STRESS behind and start to GLOW from the inside out!

In this live Zoom 8 Week Series, I will reach into my mindfulness toolbox to teach you how to tap into that grounded, peaceful, calm, wise GLOW that can only be found right INSIDE of you.  Watch video for details. 


Are you feeling tired, run down and stressed? 

This 8 Week class is for you if...

* You struggle with stress and overwhelm on a regular basis

* You feel out of control to your emotions, feeling like life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs

* You are exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally and don't know how to fix it

* You find yourself looking for the answers out side of yourself, but nothing seems to work

* You are ready to focus on yourself & commit to making permanent changes in how you think and feel

If this sound like you, it's time to brighten that light inside of you and get your GLOW back! 

Click the button see the overview of each week's class and to register.

You have the POWER to NOT let the EXTERNAL world dictate your INTERNAL world!

What would you need to BELIEVE so that you could take back that CONTROL?

* There is nothing wrong with you

* Everything you need is already inside of you

* There is light inside of you just waiting to be ignited

* You can create the thoughts and the feelings, to create the LIFE you want

Join me to learn this simple, yet powerful process using the POWER of your MIND to…








Let’s light it up!  Let's GLOW!

Get Grounded
Light the Light
Overcome Obstacles
Welcome Wisdom


Get grounded


Light the light inside


Overcome obstacles


Welcome the wisdom

Hello, I'm Lisa

I help people feel better by making changes at the deep subconscious level of the mind, using mindfulness, hypnosis, coaching, energy healing and many other techniques I have in my toolbox.

Based on hundreds of hypnosis sessions, I've developed this group program called GLOW to help YOU take charge of your life by understanding what's stopping you so you can create a new of being so you can naturally and easily light up that GLOW within you.

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