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Bag of Success!

At first glance, you might call this a doggie bag, perhaps leftovers or even take-out.

But for me, this is so much more...this is a bag of Success, Hope, Power, Control, Confidence, Joy, Communication with friends, Refocused attention.

For me, and many of my weight loss clients, thoughts about and around food are super heavy and burdensome. What should I eat? How much? When should I eat? Can I have just one? Did I eat too much? Are there too many carbs in that? Is that good flour or bad flour? How many calories, carbs, fats, sugar, points, etc. in that? How many calories did I burn? Did I work out enough to eat that? Did I write it all down, log it in, tally it up?

The decision fatigue hits full effect by dinner time and we usually just throw in the towel and eat whatever is quick and easy. Our brains need a break.

I've learned another way. It's simple. Just eat when you're hungry. Stop eating when you're no longer hungry. Why is that so difficult?!? Oh, soooo many reasons why. That's what we work on in our weight loss sessions. The reasons you know and the reasons you don't know. We find out the reasons and we fix them.

And the next time you go out with your friends for dinner, you'll have a bag of SUCCESS sitting on your front seat! (Just be sure those are actually YOUR leftovers...I took my friend's by mistake )

Book your free consultation to see how you can start on your journey on the road of success!

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