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A Lightworker's Journey & Mission

2020. I was guided to learn more. To learn about the mind.

My Conscious Mind...Why shouldn't I do more energy healing work? Space clearing, sound healing, angel card readings, teaching Reiki - I know this, I have this right here, it would be so easy, if I could just...

I had been traveling this path...but I couldn't understand why I was not embracing it. I had learned all these amazing skills and tools and I needed to get out there and share this!

My Energetic Force...NO. It's not your path.

I felt guided to seek more. I found 2 options - life coach training and hypnosis. Which would I do? Another fork in the road.

My Energetic Force...Do both.

My Conscious Mind...Why would I do both? I'll do just do hypnosis training, it's cheaper.

We watch life coach training close in March. The opportunity has passed. The country is shutting down. Fear is everywhere.

My Energetic Force...Stay open.

The Universe...Life coach training email comes in - they are opening a "fast track" course - do the training in 4 months, starting in May.

My Conscious Mind...hmmm, is this a sign?

My Energetic Force...ummm, yes, duh! Do it now! You won't get this chance again.

I didn't understand the what or the why, but I dove in, feeling the energetic resonance and rightness.

Ah, and now I get it.

Many of us are fighting a battle, an inner war, a war of beliefs that is going on inside of our minds. It's like an auto-immune disease where the physical body turns on itself...we're having a pandemic of auto-emotional disease, auto-mental disease. We are using our thoughts and feelings against ourselves. Many are feeling stuck and feeling blockages and feeling out of control...all in their own minds! We were not taught the tools to deal with these thoughts and emotions. We are given a pill, or we eat, or we watch hours and hours of Netflix, tv, movies, or we eat or drink, but we find something external to further numb the thoughts and feelings.

I have learned the tools. That is my path. I am a lightworker. I show people how to free their minds. Once you free your mind, you raise your vibration. You are now free to feel, and you are no longer afraid to feel. You know you are in control of your feelings. You are in control of your thoughts. You are free to put your meaning, your truth, your sovereignty into every aspect of your life. This brings on a feeling of lightness.

"I feel so much lighter."

Yes, my friend, you have raised your vibration. I am an energy healer. That "block" was just low vibration energy stuck in your body, trapped in your thoughts. We have released that. You now have total control. You are now energetically powerful. Feel that lightness, that tingling, that spark, that joy, that resonance? Anyone can do anything to you and you have sovereignty.

The outside world can crumble, but you are calm in the chaos. You cannot be controlled. You cannot be made a victim.

We are changing the world. One person at a time. And this sovereignty is spreading fast. People are waking up.

The masks are coming off. The people in charge are losing their power. They will intensify their grasp on power as it slips away. Things will get more intense before it gets better. You will be shown more fear, more chaos and more control. BUT, more of us are realizing that the reality we're being shown is not the reality we chose to live in.

Fear and chaos can abound, but we will live in peace, calm and sovereignty. We act from love and compassion, not fear and hate.

People may not understand why you chose to not engage in the lower energies - fear, anger, outrage, guilt, shame. Let them wonder. You know your truth.

This is where managing the mind comes in.

The environment has not changed. We have changed. We need to deal with the dissonance, the incongruence of the people around us. People who may have benefited from our blockage, people who like having power over us or being the stronger one, people who are comfortable with our weakness...they will not understand.

You can do this. It is simple. It is not easy. It is worth it.

My path is to show you the way and lead by example.

Let's go! We got this. Let's spread the light, the high vibration energy that we were born with, that may have been dimmed, but can never be taken away. Shine bright, my friends!

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David Elliott
David Elliott

Psychologists say I am schizophrenic but really, I am in Knots. I know I'm healable but can't find a way out. I can't convince anyone to help me.

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