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What did you do to feel JOY today?

At about 9:30pm, I'd just finished doing the dinner dishes, when I found myself staring at the spoon with the remnants of the Nutella stuck to the sides. Why did I do that? Those tablespoons of Nutella sat like lead in my stomach, the thrill and excitement of digging into the Costco sized tub, long gone. Why did I do that? The question my conscious mind kept asking, but not giving me any answers.

So I thought about my the blinds, empty the dishwasher, at my desk, on Zoom calls, food shopping, making lunches, driving kids around, putting shoes on the rack, watch a class at my desk, a load of laundry, running around...

Then my brain, perhaps my subconscious mind, offered me a different question: "What did I do today to feel JOY?" I dug into the Costco sized tub of Nutella with a big spoon and had a few moments of pure bliss. Huh. The only JOY I had that day was eating a spoonfuls of sugar.

That's when it hit me. Our brains are programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. If I didn't give my brain some pleasure, it was going to find pleasure on its own. For this day, that pleasure came in the form of an urge to eat something delicious. A quick and easy hit of dopamine, serotonin, maybe some adrenaline & some other chemicals I learned about in biology class. It was a temporary high, then a crash, then a stomach ache & mental thrashing about doing better tomorrow.

Ever had this experience? Many of my clients have the same story and we work together to find the pleasures in life that bring real JOY. ️Taking a walk, calling a friend to chat, dancing, reading, listening to music, reading a book, listening to relaxation recording. Just a few ideas of how to give your brain the gift of joy during the day & break the habit of overeating.

This is often difficult to do with the conscious mind, using willpower & determination, but in hypnosis we can go right to the subconscious mind & rewrite the programs and habits you have created over the years. My clients walk away from their 1st session feeling relief & knowing they can make changes to be successful.

Book your free consult today to see how you can benefit from the tool of hypnosis.


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